Dalipe urges CEO, contractors to speed up infra projects

Mayor John Dalipe has directed the City Engineer’s Office and private contractors to fast-track the completion of infrastructure projects, focusing in particular on school buildings in preparation for the resumption of face-to-face classes this upcoming school year.

“I will work closely with our City Engineer’s Office para aquel maga escuela nuay pa hace acaba, hace kita mas corre, y otro pa maga infrastructure problems na diaton maga public schools,” said Mayor Dalipe during the flag ceremony at City Hall Monday morning, July 25.

The mayor also sought the cooperation of contractors to expedite the construction and completion of government infrastructure projects, stressing that his administration does not want any more delays.

“Pabor dobla el hora del complecion del maga proyecto,” said Mayor Dalipe.

Citing the need to personally assess the situation on the ground, Mayor Dalipe has spent his first few weeks as local chief executive conducting inspections and surprise visits to different barangays.

Mayor Dalipe said he wants to ‘present tangible solutions’ to improve the lives of all residents living in Zamboanga City.

Meanwhile, in his message to City Hall employees, he urged all personnel to put the welfare of the people above all else, as he strongly reiterated his call to serve with sincerity.

“As we begin a new week, my challenge to all our employees is that we will always put the welfare of the people first. Servi kita con el cada’y cual Zamboangueno con sinceridad,” said Mayor Dalipe. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)