Dalipe reiterates promise for transparency, accountability

Mayor John Dalipe reaffirmed anew the values of transparency and accountability as the core of his administration, promising a leadership that is open and accessible to all.

“But beyond all these programs of government, transparency and accountability comes first. It is our battle cry as we champion good governance,” stressed Dalipe during the inaugural session of the City Council Monday morning, July 19.

In his message, the mayor outlined his plans for security, economy, education, health, and tourism, citing that Zamboanga City will seek more development.

He also shared his priority initiatives which include infrastructure development, agricultural and fishery modernization, public transport, and post-pandemic recovery programs, among others.

“Our focus is to unify our people, necesita kita esta unido,” said the local chief executive as he enjoined for the support and cooperation of the City Council under the leadership of Vice Mayor Josephine Pareja, the national government through Representatives Khymer Olaso and Mannix Dalipe, regional government agencies, and barangay leaders.

To the public, Dalipe promised an active and accessible administration.

“This new administration demands for participation, not just in our first 100 days but all the time,” Dalipe said.

“The Mayor’s Office is open and your mayor is accessible,” he added. Last week, Dalipe made good on his promise of transparency and accountability to broadcast City Government bidding and procurement processes to the public. The first broadcast of the bidding and procurement process was held Friday, July 15, through the Facebook page of the City Government of Zamboanga (@zambocitygovt).  (Jasmine Mohammadsali)