Dalipe orders crackdown on erring tricycle drivers

Acting on a barrage of public complaints against abusive tricycle drivers, Mayor John Dalipe has ordered an intensified crackdown on tricycle drivers, who overcharge and snub passengers, and other violations of the city’s Tricycle Ordinance No. 416.

Mayor Dalipe issued the stern warning in his message during the flag raising ceremony Monday morning as he dared tricycle drivers and operators to either do it right or suffer the consequence of losing their franchise to operate.

“Consider this a warning, con aquel maga abusao tricycle drivers, I am telling you – you either do it right or you lose your franchise. We will never allow this kind of practice to flourish in the City of Zamboanga, not in this administration,” Dalipe warned.

Under the fare matrix issued by the Tricycle Adjudication Board (TAB), the operator and driver can charge not more than what are provided for in the Ordinance 416.

The approved fare is P20 for one or two passengers for the first kilometer plus P5 for every succeeding kilometer, regardless of the number of passengers.

Early on, the City Administrator’s Office on orders of the local chief executive has set up a tricycle complaint desk in City Hall, where victims of abusive tricycle drivers can lodge their complaints.

Dalipe emphasized that these steps are taken to address the mounting complaints against overpriced charging by tricycle drivers.

“In our administration, we will put an end to it. Asegura quita cay el cosa debe, amo el sigi. Con los viajeros quien ta sale victima de estos mal acto, avisa canamon y came con esos maga abusao ay castiga.” Dalipe said.-(Vic Larato)