Dalipe meets Chinese consul, renews long-standing friendship

Mayor John Dalipe welcomes Hon. Consul General Li Lin of the People’s Republic of China in Davao, the first member of the diplomatic community he received in his first 18 days in office.

In his welcome message, Dalipe said he has witnessed the growing bilateral relationship between China and the Philippines in recent years and that he is “looking forward to enhancing friendship and cooperation as well as the promotion of people to people and cultural exchanges including trade and investment especially in infrastructure and agriculture modernization in the city of Zamboanga.”

“I believe that today is a start and renewal at the same time of our long-standing friendship. Zamboanga City is ready to work hand in hand with our business community  to generate more tangible benefits to Zamboangueños and also the Chinese people,” Mayor Dalipe added.

For his part, Consul General Li Lin expressed elation to be the first diplomat to meet the new Zamboanga City mayor since the latter assumed office noon of June 30. “I would like to echo and fully agree with you that the Chinese Consulate General in Davao will continue to work equally hard to push forward bilateral relationships focusing on 4 major areas.”

The consul general was with Consul Chao Jian Wei and the members of the Chinese Enterprises and businessmen based in Davao and Zamboanga during his courtesy call in City Hall Monday afternoon.

He thanked Mayor Dalipe for the city government’s strong support to the Chinese community in Zamboanga, as he expressed confidence on the possibility of having more concrete and sustainable cooperation so that the result of the cooperation can be felt by all the people of both China and the Philippines especially Zamboanga City. Joining the mayor in receiving the guests in City Hall were City Administrator Mario Yanga, City Legal Officer Atty. Haydee Panganiban and Executive Assistant V Atty. Rochelle Magnolia Tamin. (Sheila Covarrubias) (photo credits: Eugene Elnar)