Dalipe declares Pink Fridays this October

To further drum up public support for breast cancer awareness, Mayor John Dalipe has declared all Fridays this month of October as “Prink Fridays” in the city government of Zamboanga.

Dalipe announced this in his message during the flag raising ceremony as he enjoined all city government employees to wear anything but pink every Friday this month as a symbol of their support to breast cancer awareness.

The mayor’s declaration followed the Pink October march last Friday in solidarity with the observance of Breast Cancer Month every October of each year.

It is called Pink October as people around the world adopt the pink color and display pink ribbon to raise awareness on the importance of prevention and routine screening for early diagnosis of breast cancer, now the most commonly diagnosed cancer globally.

Likewise, the local chief executive declared support for the work force being the backbone of the city’s economy.

This, as more than 500 job seekers flocked to the Zamboanga Hermosa Job Fair last week.

“As your mayor, I will make sure that employment and job creation continue to be in the forefront of our recovery strategy from Covid-19 pandemic,” Dalipe said.

October is also observed as Teachers’ Month, and Dalipe sent out his congratulatory message to all teachers far and wide as he thank them for molding the values of the youth.

As the city is in the thick of the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival with various activities in different venues every day, Dalipe thank the entire security sector for keeping law and order in the city, and ensuring the orderly conduct of all festivities.

Finally, the mayor has invited the public to join and enjoy the remaining festivities to culminate on the 15th of this month but the highlight will be on the 12th in honor of the feast of Our Lady of the Pillar.-[Vic Larato]