College of Education

Courses offered under the College of Education: Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education major in Food and Service Management (BTVTEd-FSM) Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education major in Information and Communication Technology (BTLEd-ICT) 

Senior High School Programs

Strands offered under the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track: Automotive Servicing NC II Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC II Computer Systems Servicing NC II Food Processing NC II Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II Agricultural Crops Production NC II

Computer Services Division

Supports all information and communication technology resources and projects of the LGU. Designs, develops and maintains all information system for the LGU. Manages the centralized server, network and IT systems of the LGU. Supports the implementation of all security and disaster recovery of all IT assets of the LGU. Supports the ICT capability building programs…
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