City sets up Complaint Desk for Tricycle concerns

In light of mounting complaints regarding abuses committed by motorized tricycle drivers, the City Administrator’s Office is providing alternative platforms and avenues to respond to complaints, suggestions and other queries related to the issue.

Upon orders of Mayor John Dalipe, City Administrator Mario Yanga has initiated the establishment of a Tricycle Complaint Desk with a dedicated team to manage the hotline numbers and a facebook page including the setting up of complaints desk in malls such as KCC and other strategic locations.

Specifically, the Tricycle Complaint Desk will provide the public with a platform to hear complaints as well as institute remedial measures; apprehend erring tricycle drivers, confiscate driver’s license, issue citation tickets and impound public tricycle; process complaints and recommend to the Tricycle Adjudication Board (TAB) erring tricycle drivers for review and possible revocation of franchise for those who are frequent violators; promote public awareness and strict enforcement of Ordinance 185 or the Ordinance Prescribing the Operation of Tricycles and Granting Franchise for the operation thereof within the territorial jurisdiction of the city of Zamboanga” and all its amendments based on Ordinace 266, Ordinance 416, Ordinance 499 and Ordinance 555.

With the establishment of the complaint desk, the City Administrator’s Office Monday received 5 complaints and the tricycle drivers concerned were called to City Hall for preliminary procedures and were later turned over to the TAB for appropriate action.

Based on the ordinance, refusal to convey passenger or freight to proper destination as well as overcharging above authorized schedule of and freight are grounds for cancellation of the certificate of public convenience.

Penalties for refusal to convey passengers are the administrative fine of P4K for the first offense; P5K for the second and third offense plus cancellation/ revocation of franchise in the third offense.

Meanwhile, for overcharging, the owner and driver shall solidarily pay the administrative fines of P4K for the first offense, P5K for the second and third offense plus cancellation/ revocation of franchise in the third offense.

The complaint processing routes are as follows: via message through the official facebook page “Office of the City Administrator – Zamboanga”; via office telephone numbers 991-1630 or 991-4985; via cal/ text through cellphone hotline numbers and via Email

All complaints will be processed upon receipt by the complaint desk together with the Traffic Management Unit, Task Force Ordinance, TAB and the Zamboanga City Police Officer for blotter report.

Violators will be apprehended and their driver’s license will be confiscated upon issuance of citation tickets for the settlement of penalties/ administrative fines corresponding to the nature of their violations. A data base of erring drivers/ operators will be maintained by the complaint desk to identify frequent violators who will be recommended for revocation for their franchise through the TAB. (Sheila Covarrubias)