Statement of Mayor Beng Climaco on Talon-talon grenade blast incident

Mayor Beng Climaco renews her call for sobriety and vigilance following the grenade explosion at the Kamalhaldikan Mosque at sitio Logoy Diutay in Talon-talon midnight Tuesday that killed two people and wounded 3 others. The mayor ordered thorough investigation on the incident immediately after Coun. Teodyver Arquiza, chair of the Council committee on disaster prevention informed her about the matter. She likewise condemns the dastardly act, as she allays fears that the incident is a consequence of a tension between Muslims and Christians.

Climaco said: “We call on the people to remain sober but vigilant and let us not allow terrorists to divide the good relationship between Muslims and Christians because we remain united, practice tolerance and live together in peace.” The mayor is convening the Technical Working Group (TWG) on CVET (Countering Violent Extremism and Terrorism) today during which religious leaders will issue their official statement.