Blind masseurs thank Dalipe for opportunity

The Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Zamboanga City expressed deep gratitude to Mayor John Dalipe for initiating the Blind Masseurs for Body Massage services at the Night Market in Rizal Street.

The group believes that the initiative is a grand opportunity for the members to showcase their   talents after a more than 2-year hiatus brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Dalipe has allocated 2 stalls for the blind masseurs at the Night Market in Rizal Street since the soft opening last August 15. The Blind Masseurs for Body Massage is facilitated by thePersons with Disabilities Affairs Unit (PDAU) under the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) and the Zamboanga City PWD Federation (ZCPWDFeD).

Nightly, people flock the stalls to avail of a soothing massage after a stressful day.          

The PWD Federation said in Japan and Taiwan for more than 50 years, blind massage is usually a night practice as both massage therapy and musical talent became traits people associated with the visually impaired community.

People believe that the visually impaired are better masseurs, due to the lack of visual cues stimulating their ability to feel out areas of tension. Blind Masseur involves a wide range of tactile techniques, including kneading, pinching, and stretching, according to the federation members.   The ZC Night Market Blind Masseur in charge are Nisba Saha, Ulysses Maglangit, Larry Sanson, Grace Candido, Glenn Angeles and blind Masseurs Albert, Evelyn, Rolly and Ruben. (PDAU/ Henry Salac)