Barangays take active role in fight vs ASF

The barangays are taking an active role in the campaign to prevent and control the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) in response to the call of the Office of the the City Veterinarian and other concerned agencies amidst the continuing ASF infections among hogs in the city.

Barangays Licomo and Curuan, spearheaded by their respective barangay chairmen have set up ASF Quarantine Checkpoints which have been operating since the last 8 days.

The Licomo ASF checkpoint is a collaborative effort of the Police Station 1- Vitali represented by Deputy Station Commander for Operation PLt. Roderick Tajala, PFMS Mitchel Bannister Jr., the OCVET and the Licomo barangay Council led by Chair Jesus Sanson and the barangay tanods.

On the other hand, the Curuan checkpoint is a collaborative effort of the OCVET, the police, the Philippine Army and barangay tanods.

Earlier, barangays Mangusu, Latuan and Quiniput also established checkpoints in their respective areas in response to the call of the OCVET for the barangays to support and cooperate in the fight against ASF. (photo credits: Licomo BION Joseph Francisco/ Curuan BION Roger Sampilin)