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1.) Valid Business Permit/Mayor's Permit

2.) Use of or any contact tracing tool integrated with the same. Please specify other contact tracing tool

3.) Availability of temperature ot thermal scanner (e.g thermo gun) to assess employees, clients and visitors.

4.) Availability of health declaration sheet for employees and client

5.) QR Codes for and any other contact tracing tool conspicously placed for registration of employees and clients

6.) BHERTs and other COVID-19 Emergency hotlines are displayed in conspicuous area.

7.) Availability of handwashing stations with soap, sanitizers, and hand drying equipment or supplies for employees and clients/visitors in strategic locations in the establishment.

8.) Installed physical barriers in enclosed areas to maintain social distancing (blocking of chairs, markers, stickers on the floor spacing)

9.) Availability of windows for adequate air exchange in enclosed (indoor) areas as cited in DOLE Department Order No. 224-21 or the Guidelines on Ventilation for Workplaces and Public Transport to Prevent and Control the Spread of COVID-19.

10.) Conducts regular (at least twice a week) cleaning and disinfection in the establishment in compliance to the Cleaning and Disinfection of Environmental Surfaces in the Context of COVID-19 by the World Health Organization

11.) Personnel, employees, clients and visitors always wear facemasks and face shields especially in enclosed places.

12.) Presence of designated Safety Officer with the following functions:
a) coordinate with the appropriate bodies for support and referral to community-based isolation facilities for confirmed cases with mild symptoms, and to health facilities for confirmed cases with mild symptoms, and to health facilities for severe and crititcal care;
b) undertake contact tracing or coordinate the condauct thereof; and
c) monitor status of employees quarantined or isolated; and
d) implement return to work policies.

13.) Available of storage facility of proper collection, treatment and disposal of used facemasks and other infectious waste

14.) Availability of isolation area for identified symptomatic employees.

15.) Availability of personnel-in-charge for monitoring and maintaining social distancing and ensuring the compliance of clients/visitors/employess to health protocols and areas in the estblishments where people gather (e.g. queue)

16.) Compliance to the disinfection protocol in accordance with DOH Department Memorandum No. 2020-157 and 0157-A or the "Guidelines on cleaning and Disinfection in Various Settings as an Infection Prevention and Control Measure Against COVID-19.

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