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R.T. Lim Blvd. temporarily closed on Nov. 9

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Both lanes of the R.T. Lim Boulevard will be temporarily closed on Friday, Nov. 9 from 3pm-7pm to give way to the send-off and commissioning mass for participants to the 2017 National Youth Day, pursuant to Executive Order BC 307.

The EO also strictly prohibits the flying of drones in the areas where the conduct of all the NYD activities will be held except those from the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Zamboanga City, through the Archdiocese of Zamboanga, is hosting the 2017 NYD, November 6-10, drawing some 2,500 youth pilgrims from all over the country and even some parts of the globe.

Based on the EO, issued by Mayor Beng Climaco on November 3, all motor vehicles coming from the west coast via R.T. Lim Boulevard, going to city proper shall be diverted to Baban Road or Don Basilio Navarro St., then straight to San Jose Road from 3pm-7pm on Nov. 9.

All motor vehicles coming from the city proper passing R.T. Lim Boulevard, going to the west coast, shall pass through the San Jose Road on Nov. 9. Truck ban hours shall be extended from 3pm to 7pm on said day.

Exempted from the EO are vehicles responding to emergency situation such as ambulances, fire trucks and police/military vehicles.

The NYD kicked off Monday, Nov. 6 with the parade dubbed “Parada del maga Jovenez del Paiz” at 4:30pm from the Metropolitan Cathedral in La Purisima St. to the City Coliseum in Tetuan. Two other major activities are slated during the week, the Gran Procesion Mariana or Grand Marian Procession on Nov. 7 at 4:45pm from the City Coliseum in Tetuan to the Fort Pilar Shrine in Rio Hondo and the Parada de maga Peregrinos or Pilgrims’ Parade on Nov. 9 at 4pm.

Mayor Beng Climaco has expressed elation that the NYD is held in Zamboanga City and has asked all sectors to support and cooperate with all measures put in place to ensure the success of the national activity.

The other day, the mayor also issued EO 306 mandating the imposition of a traffic rerouting scheme and naming one way and two way street/roads in areas where the activities for the NYD will be held from Monday until Friday this week. (Sheila Covarrubias)