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Beng sends encouragement message to Sec. Taguiwalo

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Mayor Beng Climaco has sent a message of encouragement and support to Social Welfare and Development Secretary Judy M. Taguiwalo following Sen. Tito Sotto III’s malicious comments on her status as a solo parent of two daughters.

Climaco told TV 11’s Dateline Teleradyo Thursday that she had sent a message of encouragement to Sec. Taguiwalo “donde gane ya ase baho de suyu estado como nana and we are really here to protect the interest of women, mothers and children because they are really blessings to us.”

“To all single mothers out there, please know that the city government supports you because you are really doing a heroic act, not only single mothers but also solo parents in general to include fathers as solo parents,” Climaco said.

This, as she announced that the city government has received a P10-million indigency assistance from Usec. Bravo of the Department of Health. The amount will be spent for medical assistance to indigent patients at the Zamboanga City Medical Center through the City Mayor’s Office.

To recall, Senator Sotto was in hot water last week for his "malicious" comments on solo parents during the Commission on Appointments hearing of Social Welfare Secretary Taguiwalo.

Taguiwalo, a single mother of two children, explained that she doesn't consider her personal life as a typical family set-up.

Sotto tried to explain what to call a person who raises children on their own.

"In the street language, when you have children and you are single, ang tawag dun e, 'na-ano lang,'" he said.

Taguiwalo, a champion for gender equality and women empowerment, replied that as a professor, she respects all kinds of families.

Sotto however apologized, saying he does not disrespect women.

"I will be the last person in this country to disrespect a woman because my mother was one of the founders of the Women's Rights Movement. I have two daughters who are separated, single, and have children," he said.-(Vic Larato)